Dear Residents, Teammates and Family Members,

I have spoken to number of you over the last several days regarding the decision to open our designated COVID-19 unit to outside admissions. Many of you questioned the status of our internal residents and teammates who contracted the virus earlier in the pandemic. Below is the most recent testing chart and results:

Of the nine residents impacted by the virus:

  • Six have fully recovered;
  • Due to a number of factors, one COVID-19 positive resident’s family opted for hospice care and the resident passed away; and
  • Two residents, both progressing, remain on the COVID-19 unit

Of the 12 PVN and Therapy teammates impacted:

  • Nine have fully recovered; and
  • Three are in recovery with minimal to no symptoms

It is important to note the “Misc.” category refers to third party contractors and/or caregivers that were tested as part of PVN’s global testing approach. These individuals, like our own teammates, are subject to daily screenings and testing protocols.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the residents and teammates impacted by the virus.  The recovery process can be long and difficult to endure. We now know that through early identification and isolation the virus can be contained. Also, high quality individualized nursing care plays a critical role in the recovery process. We are fortunate to have such high quality and dedicated teammates working in our organization.

During some of my one-on-one conversations, the decision to allow outside admissions with a COVID-19 diagnosis into our separate building has been questioned. After three and half months of experience with this pandemic, we realize that COVID-19 is something we will be dealing with until a vaccine is developed. As such, we will continue to adhere to the strict screening and social distancing protocols we currently have in place. Also, we will continue to operate our dedicated COVID-19 unit throughout the pandemic.

While we are not technically required to operate the unit in a separate and freestanding building (see the attached campus map), we will continue to do so because we believe that is the safest approach for our residents and teammates. Other organizations in the market do not have the advantage of a separate building with a separate entry and ventilation system on their campuses. Instead, other facilities’ COVID-19 units are operated as a “wing” or hallway within buildings that also house patients and residents not impacted by the virus.

What we have seen during the past few months with our COVID-19 positive patients and teammates is that, oftentimes, they feel better and/or are completely asymptomatic but have not been able to achieve two consecutive negative tests to enable them to return to rehab, home or work. Our hospital partners are experiencing the same situation. Currently there isn’t a safe, appropriate discharge location like PVN where recovery and rehabilitation can be provided. Instead many are going home and declining or staying in the hospital for extended periods of time.

The county of Dallas’ endorsement of PVN operating a COVID-19 unit is a testament to Dallas officials recognizing our ability to safely accept and treat direct admissions from the outside. Not only does the acceptance of outside admissions help to make the operation of COVID-19 unit financially feasible, it allows us to open the remainder of our healthcare operations for non-COVID-19 healthcare needs. Most importantly, making high quality care available to the residents of our city aligns with our mission and values.

As always, I appreciate your willingness to communicate your thoughts and concerns.


Bryan Cooper

Executive Director