PVN Receives COVID-19 Facility Designation

Dear Residents, Families and Teammates,

We are pleased to announce that Dallas County has designated Presbyterian Village North (PVN) to directly admit individuals with COVID-19.  PVN is currently one of three providers in the Metroplex with this designation.  PVN has provided medical care for residents with COVID-19 in a separate building and with a dedicated staff for our residents since April 17, 2020.

Instead of closing this building after our last residents recover, PVN is honored to be able to provide excellent and compassionate care to others in the community. This special designation has been granted due to our ability to provide nursing services in an environment that is unique to the PVN campus. Special features include:

  • We are fortunate to have a large, 63 acre campus and are able to isolate COVID-19 positive cases in a separate building in which the adjacent floors are not being utilized. The building is physically removed from all other skilled areas on the campus with a devoted entrance and exit.
  • Staff dedicated to serving COVID-19 patients do not provide care or services to anyone outside of the unit.
  • When we receive a new COVID-19 patient, they will be transferred to us directly from our hospital partners or other facilities and will enter the campus via external transportation. Upon entry, they will proceed directly to the Arbor Place Healthcare building for admission and will have no exposure to other teammates or residents.

We will continue to adhere to strict infection control and screening measures, including the taking of temperatures and asking screening questions related to specific symptoms throughout our organization. Also, we will continue to aggressively test our residents and teammates.

As always, please feel free to reach out to us via: pvninfo@forefrontliving.org or 214-355-9019 with any questions or concerns.


Bryan Cooper

Executive Director