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To strive is to thrive. 

Those are words so many residents live by here at Presbyterian Village North. Because they, like we, believe wellness is the intentional pursuit of good health for mind, body, and spirit. Through classes, professionals and programs we help and encourage all residents to engage with life as fully as they can. Which is, we believe, how each of us thrives.

Presbyterian Village North (PVN) is the only senior living community in Texas with a Healthy Senior Living certification from the American Heart Association. The certification recognizes the community’s commitment to creating a culture of health for its residents where getting and staying healthy is top of mind.

PVN's Award Winning Wellness Instructor and Coach

My why is to make a difference in the lives of our residents. It’s a calling for me, and I love what I do.”

Shannon Radford, Director of Health & Wellness

Jim & Bess Blanchette
Lifestyle Fitness Center

A 21st-century, senior-focused, multifaceted total fitness center that anticipates your needs and provides equipment, programming, and staff to guide you along every step of your journey toward your goals.

Wellness Resources

More than 50 different weekly classes

Tai Chi and yoga, balance classes, line dancing, ballet and Zumba, aerobic and fitness classes and on and on.

Our Get Fit program

One-on-one personal training that is perfect for peak health and can even dovetail with physical rehabilitation therapy if needed.

A team of Life Enrichment professionals

Providing opportunities for fun and social engagement, off-site excursions, museum and gallery crawls, and our celebrated Chautauqua Series of special events.

Guest lectures on wellness

Residents identify areas of special interest, and we bring in professionals to share insight. Topics include ideas for healthy living, core strength and overcoming vision and physical challenges for maximum wellness.

Wellness University

A three-month semester of wellness education and analysis when residents and staff teammates share their passions and expertise by hosting lectures and workshops on fitness, gardening, jewelry, genealogy, spirituality, and more. And the only report cards are those you create for yourself.

Wellness for Your Soul

Spiritual health. A pillar of wellness just like mind and body. Just as we care for ourselves physically and mentally, the soul and spirit need care as well. So we nurture our spirits through silent reflection and prayer, the study and discussion of Scripture, practicing stillness and listening for God, participating in community worship and living our faith by loving and serving others. All in our own fashion in order for ourselves and our communities to thrive.