COVID Update from Tim Mallad, CEO

Dear residents, families, teammates and donors,

Recent media headlines include “The Fourth Wave Is Here,” “Summer Surge,” and “The Delta Variant Arrives in Dallas.” COVID-19 is definitely the hot topic on everyone’s mind. There is much speculation into how this next phase of the pandemic will impact us. There is also much angst about what happens next within our organization.

No one wants to lose the “hard won” ground or “sense of normal” we have achieved over the last several months. It is important to recognize that we gained these benefits by being conservative in our approach to managing the risks and being nimble when we encountered challenges. This same approach will help get us through this next phase of the pandemic.

One of the best lessons we learned last year was to be transparent. Like the majority of our peers, we do not have all the answers. However, we are not afraid to keep you posted on what we are doing to address the issues. We are also fortunate to have a good pandemic preparedness plan in place.

The plan anticipates fluctuations in the pandemic and adjusts protocols accordingly. As the local positivity rate continues to climb, our plan calls for more conservative measures. As such we strongly encourage the wearing of masks, even for those vaccinated, social distancing and proper handwashing as tools to limit exposure to the virus. We also highly encourage anyone eligible to receive the vaccine to do so.

I know everyone is weary and disappointed by this recent surge. However, I am hopeful that the lessons we have learned thus far will minimize the impact this phase of the pandemic will have on our organization. As always, I remain grateful to be part of such an exceptional team and to have the privilege to serve our residents, teammates, family members and donors.

Tim Mallad
CEO, Forefront Living