Confirmed Cases in Skilled Nursing

Dear Residents, Family Members and Teammates,

We learned today that three of our short-term residents in the Transitional Rehabilitation Center tested positive for COVID-19. The writing of this letter is made difficult by the deep emotion we all feel about this news. First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers are with these three individuals and their families. Our faith-based values of compassion and integrity have guided us through these many weeks and will continue to do so as we wage our battle against COVID-19.

Tremendous effort has been put forth by everyone at Forefront Living and Presbyterian Village North (PVN) to avoid this situation. As you are aware from earlier communications, we have been diligent with our infection control procedures and screening of teammates, including checking temperatures upon entrance to any of our facilities and strict guidelines when teammates are not feeling well. When we learned of a second contract employee-testing positive for COVID -19, we voluntarily suspended new admissions to our skilled nursing area.

Residents who tested positive for COVID-19 will be moved to the second floor of the health center at PVN in accordance with our pandemic preparedness plan. Those needing a higher level of care will be moved to the appropriate acute care setting. We are fortunate that our health center is a separate building away from other skilled nursing areas.

A special wing of this building was prepared at the beginning of the pandemic to provide separate care to residents and patients with COVID-19. Only COVID-19 patients will be admitted to this building and no other floors or wings of this building are occupied. Our impacted residents/patients will be served by a separate nursing team in the health center. We currently have enough personal protective equipment (PPE) to address the care needs of our residents/patients and adequately protect our teammates.

Again, we ask everyone to continue to adhere to the strict guidelines we have in place. Your active participation will help aide in reducing future infections. Once again, our thoughts and prayers are with all of our residents, families and teammates during these uncertain times. Together we must continue to be extremely vigilant in our practices to remain safe and healthy. Should you have questions contact us at or 214-355-9019 for additional information.

Bryan Cooper