PVN Residents Honor Home Front Heroes with Heartfelt Letters and Support

Residents of Presbyterian Village North (PVN) came together on Thursday, May 9, to commemorate Home Front Heroes Day, an occasion dedicated to honoring the unsung heroes of the home front during World War II and beyond. Spearheaded by PVN resident and World War II veteran John “Lucky” Luckadoo six years ago, this day serves as a poignant recognition of the tireless efforts, dedication, and sacrifices made by Americans supporting the war effort from home.

This year, PVN residents embraced their roles as modern-day Home Front Heroes by devoting time to writing letters of encouragement and appreciation to deployed members of the Armed Services. Nearly 75 residents and staff convened for an hour-long letter-writing session, complete with personal Polaroid photos attached to each letter, adding a heartfelt touch to their messages of support. More than 100 letters and cards created through this event, along with information about Home Front Heroes Day, will be dispatched to Support Our Troops® Care Goods in Ayden, NC.

Thanks to Lucky’s vision and the collaborative efforts of those involved, momentum for Home Front Heroes Day continues to grow at the local, state, and national levels. Mayor Eric Johnson of Dallas reaffirmed May 9 as Home Front Heroes Day in the city of Dallas for the sixth consecutive year, underscoring the enduring significance of honoring those who served (and continue to serve) on the home front. Click here to learn more about Home Front Heroes Day.