PVN Culinary Team Cooks Up Great Ideas

The Presbyterian Village North (PVN) Culinary team works diligently to ensure residents stay well-nourished while also creating palette-pleasing meals for all to enjoy. PVN is proud of the dining experience especially curated for residents and their guests and the team continuously reevaluates their approach to improve upon the quality and service provided to uphold high dining standards. Below are a few recent examples highlighting the culinary team’s ongoing creativity and commitment to our residents.

Dining Comment Cards
Did you know that residents may provide feedback on any meal to be reviewed by the Culinary team weekly? Residents are invited to share their PVN dining experience with management by providing complimentary remarks or recommendations for areas of improvement regarding food or service by completing a PVN Dining Comment Card. One resident commented, “Thanks for including the definitions of some sauces. I don’t have to go home and look them up.” While another shared, “The Kung Pao shrimp is just delicious! Please have it on the menu often.” Cards can be found at the entrance of the dining room, across from the hostess stand.

Kids Menu
A kids menu is now available to PVN visitors, ages eight and younger, dining in Reflections or Joyce Hall dining rooms. Featuring delicious, kid-friendly fare such as cheeseburgers, chicken tenders, grilled cheese sandwiches and hot dog meals, these new menus options are sure to delight even the pickiest visitors.

Educational Demonstrations
On Friday, June 23, Savannah Rogers, Director of Culinary Services, led an educational culinary basics class for residents. Topics addressed included an overview of plating and food presentation, reviewing French mother sauces and their ingredients and menu planning as it pertains to catering for large groups versus restaurant dining. After the informative presentation, residents were invited to put their recently learned culinary knowledge into action by plating a dessert. Plating techniques utilized for the friendly competition included creating height on the plate, offering a variety of textures, using three different colors for the dish, incorporating edible garnishes and selecting the right plate to showcase the selected culinary delight. Resident, Tess Dujon, was crowned the winner of the contest and was awarded a lovely gift basket for her beautifully plated sweet treat.