Positive Residents and Teammate

Dear residents, families and teammates,

Two Terrace assisted living residents and one Terrace teammate on the third floor tested positive for COVID-19. All Terrace residents were tested, and all results were negative. We are conducting contact tracing to identify any residents or teammates that had contact with these individuals and are sanitizing common areas and affected living quarters. Please keep these individuals in your prayers as they begin their recovery.

Even as vaccinations occur, it is important to continue to follow CDC guidelines including wearing a mask, social distancing and avoiding large groups. If you have questions about the vaccine, please visit cdc.gov or contact a health professional. Remember, self-reporting your symptoms remains one of our best defenses against COVID-19. So, if you feel ill, do so immediately. For more information call 214-355-9019 or email pvninfo@forefrontliving.org.


Bryan Cooper
Executive Director