Positive Residents and Teammate

Dear residents, families and teammates,

Two skilled nursing residents tested positive for COVID-19. The first resident resided in Hillcrest. The second resident was an external admission to PVN. It is our practice to isolate external admissions for 14 days and this resident was in their isolation period. Both residents are now residing in the COVID unit. Also, a Joyce Hall CNA also tested positive for COVID-19 and we are currently conducting contact tracing for this individual.

Please keep these individuals in your prayers as they begin their recovery. We continue to work diligently to limit exposure on PVN’s campus. Please continue to social distance, wear a mask and wash your hands. If you feel ill, please contact a health professional immediately. For any questions or concerns, contact pvninfo@forefrontliving.org or call 214-355-9019.


Bryan Cooper
Executive Director