Federal Vaccine Requirement

Dear teammates,

We are encouraged by the FDA’s full approval of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine this week, and their impending approval of the Moderna vaccine. While we hope this endorsement helps ease concerns of teammates who are unsure of receiving the vaccination, we also want to remind them of the October 1 deadline for all Presbyterian Village North (PVN) teammates be vaccinated against COVID-19.

As you may have heard in the news recently, soon, all individuals working in a nursing home environment will be required by the federal government to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of employment. We value you as part of our team and hope you will make the choice to not only save lives but remain part of the Forefront Living family by taking the vaccine.

We will continue to offer weekly clinics to assist in facilitating easy access to the vaccine. However, receiving the vaccination at a local pharmacy or other inoculation location is a great option as well. Visit: CVS, Walgreens or Vaccines.gov to find a nearby vaccination site.

I care about each of you as my teammate and as an individual, and would like to share this message from a doctor who has treated over 100 COVID-19 patients that was personally very compelling to me. Please reach out to me at any time with questions or concerns.


Bryan Cooper

Executive Director