4th Annual Gobble Hobble Wobble: A Thanksgiving Fitness Fiesta at PVN

As Thanksgiving approached, the Community Life and Wellness team at Presbyterian Village North (PVN) orchestrated a lively start to the holiday week with the much-anticipated 4th Annual Gobble Hobble Wobble. On the brisk and windy morning of November 21, nearly 50 spirited participants, including two charismatic turkeys, gathered to infuse their day with healthy movement and a dash of fun.

The event offered a unique twist to traditional Thanksgiving celebrations, encouraging residents to “compete or complete” by choosing to walk or run along the designated “turkey trail” at their own pace. The community path, which could be conquered once, thrice or nine times, allowed participants to tailor their level of activity to their comfort and fitness levels.

The atmosphere was charged with energy as PVN teammates set the tone with upbeat music, creating an ambiance that was filled with the laughter and camaraderie of the participants. Cheers and words of encouragement echoed through the air as residents embraced the challenge, motivated by the festive spirit and the sense of community that defines PVN.

To add a sweet touch to their accomplishments, residents were rewarded with goodie bags and bottled water as they completed their chosen course. The sense of achievement and the joy of being active in the company of neighbors undoubtedly made the Gobble Hobble Wobble a memorable event for everyone involved and a great way to prioritize health and well-being during the Thanksgiving week..

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