PVN Pickleball Paddle Battle: A Smashing Success!

On a sunny Friday morning, Presbyterian Village North (PVN) came alive with excitement as residents and leadership gathered for the inaugural PVN Pickleball Paddle Battle. Held at the PVN pickleball court, this event marked the beginning of what promises to be a cherished annual tradition.

The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm as participants geared up for a friendly competition, vying for the coveted Golden Paddle Award. The event kicked off with a brief instructional session on the basics of pickleball, to increase participation among residents and ensure everyone was on the same playing field before the games commenced.

Residents and leaders alike took to the court with a mix of competitive spirit and camaraderie. To fuel the excitement, residents were treated to a delightful breakfast featuring mouth-watering breakfast tacos. Laughter echoed as the paddles smacked against the ball, showcasing a diverse range of skills and playing styles. The PVN Pickleball Paddle Battle wasn’t just a competition; it was a celebration of community and healthy living. In the spirit of healthy competition, good food and community building, the first annual PVN Pickleball Paddle Battle was a smashing success.

The matchups are listed below and the winner of the match is indicated in bold:

Gilbert and Dave vs. Dustin and Erik

Shannon and Debbie vs. Heather and Savannah

Dave and Dustin vs. Debbie and Heather