Surrun Barnes: From Attitudes & Attire Client to Inspirational Luncheon Speaker

Surrun Barnes, known for her role behind the Café counter at Presbyterian Village North (PVN), is set to take the stage as one of the distinguished speakers at the upcoming annual fundraising luncheon hosted by Attitudes & Attire on October 13, 2023. This event holds a special significance for Surrun, as it represents a full-circle moment in her remarkable journey.

Attitudes & Attire, a non-profit organization committed to empowering women as they enter the workforce, has played a pivotal role in Surrun’s life. She was once a client seeking to bolster her self-esteem, improve her outlook and prepare herself for a professional career. The organization extended a lifeline to her, providing invaluable encouragement, coaching and mentorship. Through their unwavering guidance, Surrun not only acquired the skills necessary to excel in the workplace but also unearthed her inner strength and potential.

This week, Surrun was invited to visit the Attitudes & Attire boutique. This boutique serves as a repository of women’s business attire, generously donated by the community. It was here, along with her stylist, Josi, Surrun carefully selected the perfect outfit for her upcoming speech at the luncheon. Together, they curated an ensemble that radiates Surrun’s confidence and unwavering determination and their collaboration is a testament to the meaningful connections that thrive within the Attitudes & Attire community.

The annual fundraising luncheon promises to be an emotionally charged event brimming with inspirational stories akin to Surrun’s. Joining Surrun on stage will be three other former clients who will share their personal journeys, shedding light on the profound impact that Attitudes & Attire has had on their lives. The event will also feature a fashion show, featuring client models and a raffle drawing to generate funds for Attitudes & Attire’s critical programs.

Surrun’s involvement in this event serves as a beacon of her personal growth and offers inspiration to others who have benefited from the support provided by Attitudes & Attire and her journey epitomizes how this non-profit has empowered numerous women. Her presence at the luncheon promises to be a standout moment, inspiring everyone fortunate enough to be in attendance. Click here to learn more about Attitudes & Attire, and here to learn more/support the luncheon.