Residents Share The Buzz on Beekeeping

Becky and Tim Lynch, Presbyterian Village North residents, provided an insightful presentation into the sweet world of beekeeping. Becky found herself enamored with beekeeping after winning a bee startup kit at a silent auction and soon discovered that serving as an apiculturist provided her with a sense of relaxation. She and her husband, Tim, have become devoted to their craft, experiencing the benefits of connecting with nature while nurturing these incredible insects.

During their presentation, Tim and Becky highlighted how bees work together to ensure the colony’s survival and honey production. In addition, they discussed the key elements of a proper apiculture uniform and showcased the specialized tools to aid in hive management. Audience members were also educated about the health benefits of consuming local honey, including potential allergy relief and immune system support, as well as wound healing.

Beekeeping is a captivating journey that connects the intricate world of bees and showcases the healing power of honey and of local pollen. Tim and Becky’s story is proof of the diverse opportunities that beekeeping can offer.