Spooky Fun and Fitness at PVN’s Halloween Hootenanny Wellness Event + Happy Hour

The spirit of Halloween came alive in a truly delightful and unexpected way on Friday, October 17, as the McGowan Auditorium was buzzing with more than just the typical autumn fervor. Presbyterian Village North (PVN) residents and teammates enjoyed the first annual Halloween Hootenanny Wellness event!

More than 50 residents eagerly gathered, donning an array of creative and colorful Halloween costumes, each reflecting the unique personalities as they embraced the spirit of the season with enthusiasm and creativity. Prizes were awarded to the top three best costumes, acknowledging the effort and creativity of those who went above and beyond to bring a touch of magic to the event.

The highlight of the event was the interactive exercise class, led by the PVN Wellness Team. Special guest “Richard Simmons” (AKA Lisa Englander) delighted the crowd with energetic Simmons-style moves. Tailored to accommodate individuals of all physical abilities, the class was more than just a physical workout; it was an opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate the joys of movement and companionship. Laughter echoed through the auditorium as participants engaged in exercises that not only invigorated the body but also nourished the soul.

Below are photos from the PVN Halloween Happy Hour