PVN Leadership Team Serves up Team Building Fun at Chicken & Pickle

In the fast-paced world of leadership, fostering teamwork and camaraderie is essential for a thriving community. Last week, the Presbyterian Village North (PVN) leadership team stepped away from their routine and into a world of pickleball excitement at the local hotspot, Chicken & Pickle. The afternoon was a refreshing blend of camaraderie and friendly competition, offering a unique opportunity for the team to strengthen their bonds outside the traditional office environment.

Amidst the cheerful ambiance of Chicken & Pickle, the leadership team immersed themselves in the game of pickleball. Laughter echoed across the courts as the team members enthusiastically rallied, showcasing their competitive spirit.

The afternoon was not merely a break from the daily routine; it was a purposeful investment in team building. Each serve and every well-aimed shot was a metaphor for the collaborative efforts and strategic planning that defines the leadership approach at PVN. As they navigated the pickleball court, the leaders effortlessly demonstrated the same agility and coordination that is crucial in guiding the PVN community towards success.

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