PVN Rolls Over the Competition: Wins National CyberCycle Challenge

CyberCycle held its annual challenge for senior living communities nationwide during Active Aging Week, October 3-9. 2022. Throughout the week, senior living residents logged miles on CyberCycle stationary bikes (generously provided for resident use by the PVN Foundation), during the day and at night, to compete individually and as a team.

Because of their collective commitment, Presbyterian Village North (PVN) residents dominated the competition, placing FIRST out of 399 teams! Team PVN’s total mileage for the week topped out at an impressive 926 miles! The second-place team racked up a mere 680 miles, giving new meaning to the MC Hammer song Can’t Touch This!

In addition to Team PVN’s remarkable achievement, three residents achieved incredible individual success. Out of the total of 940 individual competitors, top PVN resident results are as follows:

Janice Bentley – FIRST PLACE logging 452 miles

Chester Bentley – FOURTH PLACE logging 209 miles

John Drake – SIXTH PLACE logging 159 miles


Click here to view all results.