Get to Know Dustin Allen

Forefront Living is pleased to introduce our newest leadership teammates, both filling the roles of executive director. Danette Muzic, Executive Director at Faith Presbyterian Hospice, and Dustin Allen, Executive Director at Presbyterian Village North (PVN), began their roles within of few weeks of each other. We sat down with Danette and Dustin to get to know these dynamic leaders better through a fun question and answer session. Click here to read about Danette, part one, and enjoy learning more about Dustin in the second of this two-part feature, below.

Dustin Allen grew up in the small town of Perkins, Oklahoma, with a population of 2,500. He and his wife, Lili, are newlyweds and were married in April 2022. Lili is originally from Vietnam and moved to Fort Worth, Texas, at the age of ten. Please read below to learn more about Dustin.

What are you passionate about regarding your professional role?
Professionally, I am passionate about working in an industry that provides me with the ability to make a positive impact on individual lives. 

What makes you feel proud?
I am proud that I returned to graduate school, eight years after receiving my bachelor’s degree, and earned an MBA from the University of North Texas. I am especially satisfied by this accomplishment because I returned to school while working full time. 

Where could we find you on the weekend?
I love watching sports especially football, basketball and baseball. I am a huge Oklahoma State University fan. Go Pokes! On the weekends, you can find me working in my yard and spending time with Lili. 

What makes you a good friend or how would your friends describe you?
My friends would describe me as a very loyal person and would note my ability to bring humor to any situation.

My favorite restaurants in Dallas include places like Toulouse Café, known for their French cuisine, and Truluck’s. I love seafood!

My hobbies include exercising and golfing. Lili and I love traveling around the world, and we look forward to planning excursions to explore new surroundings. I am an avid reader and specifically enjoy reading biographies. My first book review for PVN residents is scheduled for Tuesday, November 29, at 6:30 p.m. in the McGowan Auditorium. I hope to see many of our residents there!