PVN Pooches Participate in 14th Annual Patriotic Dog Parade

Presbyterian Village North hosted their 14th annual Patriotic Dog Parade on July 3 at 9 a.m. to celebrate the fourth of July.

The parade began at the entrance of Martin’s Landing and ended at Gruchalla Pavilion where breakfast tacos, mimosas and dog treats were waiting for the participants.

“The PVN Canine Community is a special group,” said PVN resident, Ben Casey. “What a special, fun day.”

Many residents and their dogs dressed in red, white and blue.

“Bark bark bark bark bark! Bark bark bark bark, bark bark bark bark bark bark bark!”

Translation from Cannie: I had the best time! The treats were great, and my flag bandana was the best!”

Those that didn’t walk in the parade, lined the route and waved flags as the participants paraded by.

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