Presbyterian Village North Assisted Living: A Day of Fun and Team Spirit at the Employee Carnival

Earlier this month, the dedicated teammates of Presbyterian Village North (PVN) Assisted Living were treated to an afternoon of excitement and camaraderie at a special on-campus employee carnival. This event provided an opportunity for the team to come together, enjoy games, win prizes, savor a delicious lunch and strengthen the bonds that make PVN exceptional.

Games Galore

The carnival featured a wide array of entertaining games, designed to bring out the competitive spirit in everyone. From classic carnival games like ring toss to more challenging activities, there was something for everyone to enjoy. Laughter filled the air as teammates tried their hand at the games, and friendly rivalries emerged as they vied for the top scores.

Prizes and Smiles

Winning was only part of the fun. The event organizers ensured that there were exciting prizes up for grabs! However, it wasn’t just about the rewards, but the joy of participating and celebrating each other’s successes.

Delicious Lunch

Of course, all that excitement worked up an appetite, and the carnival didn’t disappoint in this department either. A scrumptious lunch was provided, giving teammates a chance to relax and share stories over a meal. It was a perfect opportunity to build stronger connections and celebrate the diversity that makes their team so special.

Building Team Spirit

Beyond the games, prizes and food, the employee carnival was a reminder of the incredible team spirit that thrives at PVN. It’s not just about providing care to residents; it’s about supporting one another, fostering a positive work environment and celebrating the unique talents and strengths that each teammate brings to the table.

A Day to Remember

As the carnival came to a close, it left behind a trail of happy memories and strengthened connections. The PVN Assisted Living team walked away from the event with a renewed sense of purpose, knowing that they are part of something truly exceptional—a team that cares for each other as much as they care for their residents.