Exploring Security at Presbyterian Village North

Presbyterian Village North (PVN) takes pride in ensuring a safe and secure environment for it’s residents and teammates. Following is a glimpse into the robust security measures PVN currently employs daily.

Dedicated Security Team

PVN a team of 13 highly trained security professionals who are committed to the safety of it’s teammates and residents. During every shift, three officers are on duty including one officer stationed in the gatehouse, maintaining a constant watch over our comprehensive camera system. Simultaneously, two officers patrol the campus, ensuring a consistent and reassuring presence.

Comprehensive Camera Coverage

The PVN security team has implemented a cutting-edge security camera network, featuring a total of 75 cameras strategically positioned throughout the campus. More than 40 of these cameras diligently monitor gates, fences and all PVN access points. This extensive coverage allows PVN to maintain the utmost vigilance and swiftly respond to any security concerns.

At Presbyterian Village North, resident’s and teammate’s peace of mind is our top priority. Our unwavering commitment to safety ensures everyone can enjoy our campus in a secure and tranquil environment.