Cruising the Shores of East Asia

Presbyterian Village North (PVN) resident globe-trotters Betty and John Birkner cruised the shores of East Asia and returned to share their worldly adventures with fellow PVN residents. On Tuesday, June 13, a crowd gathered in McGowan Auditorium to listen and learn as John, dressed in a formal men’s kimono, shared tidbits of trivia, history and colorful photos from the couple’s recent travels to Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Highlights of the East Asia photo gallery showcased stunning Shinto shrines, temples, pagodas and other intricate architectural statues, beautiful gardens and wooden castles. The diverse topography of the trip included a picturesque mountain backdrop in Japan, the Sangumuri crater volcano and black sand beach in South Korea, as well as mountain cliffs meeting the sea line in Taiwan. The couple’s explorations included sampling delicious cuisine featuring sake, bento boxes, an elaborate nine-course Chinese lunch and bubble tea.

The Birkners are experienced travelers who enjoy sharing their journeys. To learn more about their travels, click here.