A Fond Farewell to PVN’s Original Healthcare Building

The original healthcare building, Arbor Place/Forest Glen, on the Presbyterian Village North (PVN) campus was born out of the desire to provide excellent care, including nursing care, to residents and the community.

The groundbreaking event was held in January 1978 and the cutting edge building opened in 1980. Through the years, this beloved building served an untold number of residents, community members and teammates. Initially used for rehabilitation and nursing needs, it was also the birthplace of the youngest PVN resident on record! Seventeen years ago, Regina Agbon, PVN Certified Nursing Aide, was expecting a baby but was assured by her doctor that she still had several weeks left until she would deliver. In early December, she arrived for her night shift at PVN and just a few hours later she found herself delivering her baby boy, Dominic, in the healthcare building!

The Arbor Place/Forest Glen building has served PVN and the greater community very well and as plans are made for the future of the space it has occupied, a “fond farewell” ceremony was held on June 29, 2023 to pay homage to this chapter. During the event, a brief history was provided by Dustin Allen, PVN Executive Director, a beautiful blessing was given by Rev. Denise Odom, PVN Director of Spiritual Life, Tim Mallad, Forefront Living CEO, shared fond memories of the building and Doug Hawthorne, one of the visionaries of the PVN campus, provided additional insight and a few little-known facts about the building. Regina Agbon and her son, “the PVN baby”, Dominic, were also recognized with thunderous applause during the program. Tim Mallad closed the ceremony by quoting Rev. Dr. Blair Monie’s signature dismissal:

As you leave this place may the Living Lord go with you; May he go behind you, to encourage you, beside you, to befriend you, above you, to watch over you, beneath you, to lift you from your sorrows, within you, to give you the gifts of faith, hope and love, and always before you, to show you the way.

Thank you, Arbor Place/Forest Glen, for 43 wonderful years!