Residents Learn About Cupping Therapy

Last week, Presbyterian Village North (PVN) residents received the opportunity to learn about pain management offered through cupping therapy during an educational presentation led by Brian Holland, registered occupational therapist at PVN. Brain shared, “The purpose of my talk was to raise resident awareness of the pain-relieving benefits of cupping for chronic conditions.” Brian, a fitness enthusiast, has personally experienced the benefits of cupping associated with pain relief.

Cupping therapy is an alternative form of medicine where special cups are placed on the skin, creating negative pressure which increases blood flow and circulation. Benefits of this ancient therapy include reduction of stress, release of toxins, decrease in pain and an improvement in range of motion of the treated area. Complete benefits are typically achieved after five to ten treatment sessions. Cupping is an excellent therapy for geriatric patients due to the natural, non-invasive and low risk nature of treatment.

Currently, the PVN Therapy team is researching Medicare and private pay options with the hope of bringing this helpful therapy to residents soon!