PVN Therapy and Wellness Teams Give Back: A Day at Garland Animal Shelter

At Presbyterian Village North (PVN), the Therapy and Wellness teammates are not just dedicated to enhancing the well-being of residents; they also extend their care to the local community. In January, the team decided to channel their compassion towards the Garland Animal Shelter and Adoption Center.

Prior to their visit on January 24, the group rallied together, collecting essential supplies from teammates and residents. The donated items ranged from towels and blankets to toys, peanut butter, collars, leashes and more.

Estee Cahani, PT, DPT, PVN’s Director of Rehabilitation, expressed the team’s commitment to making a positive impact. “Our goal is not only to provide support within our community but also to instill a sense of care for all living beings,” said Cahani.

During their volunteer day, the team immersed themselves in activities at the shelter. They took the dogs for walks, engaged in playtime, and offered comfort to the animals. Additionally, the team helped organize the donated supplies, ensuring that they would be utilized effectively by the shelter.

This initiative not only exemplifies PVN’s dedication to community service but also highlights the importance of extending compassion to our four-legged friends. The collaboration between the Therapy and Wellness teammates and the Garland Animal Shelter serves as a heartwarming example of how small gestures can make a significant difference in the lives of both humans and animals.

As PVN continues to prioritize community engagement, this event stands as a testament to their belief that kindness knows no bounds.