PVN Therapy and Wellness Team Strengthens Bonds Through Community Volunteerism

At Presbyterian Village North (PVN), the Therapy and Wellness teammates are not just dedicated to enhancing the well-being of residents; they also extend their care to the local community through team bonding and volunteerism. Throughout the year, they channel their compassion to support various charities close to their hearts, which helps create a strong sense of unity and purpose within the team.

Estee Cahani, PT, DPT, PVN’s Director of Rehabilitation, emphasized the team’s commitment to making a positive impact. “Our goal is not only to provide support within our community but also to instill a sense of care for all living beings,” said Cahani.

During their volunteer days, arranged on teammates’ personal time during non-working hours, their initiatives show their dedication to community service and highlight the importance of extending compassion to those in our community.

As PVN continues to prioritize community engagement, these volunteer outings are eagerly anticipated and the group aims to volunteer at least once per quarter.

Some of their volunteer efforts include: