PVN Leads the Way in the Fight Against Alzheimer’s at Dallas Walk

In the early hours of November 4, a chilly and damp morning in Dallas, the Presbyterian Village North (PVN) community rallied together to make a meaningful impact in the battle against Alzheimer’s. As the proud sponsor of the Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Dallas, PVN took a significant step forward, not only in raising funds but also in spreading awareness about the fight against dementia.

Jennifer Campbell, the Marketing Director for The Outlook at Windhaven, made a special appearance to offer her support adding to the sense of community and collaboration as PVN’s Creative Connections team sponsored the walk and supported the fundraising efforts. Their mission was clear: to contribute to the ongoing fight against Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

The team, consisting of nine dedicated members and four Independent Living residents, braved the weather to stand united in the face of this devastating disease. With more than 2,500 pre-registered participants and additional individuals joining on the day of the walk, the event turned into a powerful gathering of like-minded individuals all walking towards a common goal. The sheer number of people involved underscored the importance of addressing Alzheimer’s and dementia on a broad scale.

As the PVN team marched alongside thousands of others, the spirit of unity and hope was evident. Every step taken and every dollar raised represented a collective stride towards a future where Alzheimer’s is no longer a source of pain and suffering.

Although the walk has concluded, the opportunity to support has not. Click here to contribute to the $100 million fundraising goal.