PVN Leadership Enjoys Team Building (and Friendly Trash Talking)

The Presbyterian Village North (PVN) Leadership group recognizes the importance of team building and spending time together building a bond.

On their most recent outing, the group rented three bowling lanes at Bowl and Barrel for two hours and enjoyed some snacks and a friendly bowling game. The teams came ready to have fun in coordinated outfits and accessories. The creative team names and photos from the outing are shared below.

The Champs Are Here!”: Team members include: Dustin Allen, Connie Smith, Kim Harden, Denise Odom, Joni Watson

“Bumper Babies”: Team members include: Erik Stephens, Heather Porch, Vangie Gonzalez, Shannon Radford, Lisa Englander

“Team Gutter Ball”: Team members include: Jay Sentino, Estee Cahani, Savannah Rogers, Lisa Fletcher, Laura Strickland