PVN Hosts Successful Interfaith Passover Seder: Celebrating Tradition and Community Connection

Residents’ desire for connection and collaboration with the Presbyterian Village North (PVN) team culminated in the successful hosting of the second interfaith Passover Seder in the McGowan Auditorium on the evening of Thursday, April 25, 2024. This event, led by PVN residents Dr. Cynthia Logan and Elizabeth Ritz, marked the Festival of Freedom, honoring the Exodus of the Jews from ancient Egypt, with its centerpiece being the Seder, a joyous communal meal.

Attendees were guided through the rich customs of Passover, including explanations of the “Haggadah” (the Passover guide), the significance of the three pieces of Matzah placed under a special cover, and the breaking of the middle Matzah. The tradition of hiding the “afikomen,” or dessert, was also observed, adding an element of playful anticipation to the proceedings. Traditional Passover songs filled the air, enriching the atmosphere with melody and meaning.

A few comments overheard throughout the event include: “I did not know how much I needed this tonight.” | “Releasing my inner Pharaohs and truly asking us to reflect felt so important in the world that we are living today.” |“Thank you for doing this – I hope to do it every year. It is such a blessing PVN is open to all faiths.”

Gratitude flows to every resident and team member who contributed to the event’s success, with special recognition for Chef Kevin Neff whose collaborative menu design enhanced the festivities and the Community and Spiritual Life teams for providing behind-the-scenes support.

As the Passover Seder boasts a wealth of rituals, PVN eagerly anticipates further opportunities to share these cherished traditions with its community. Click here to delve deeper into Passover and its traditional Seders.