Kathryn Childers Captivates PVN Prospects

On October 18, an audience of prospective residents of Presbyterian Village North (PVN) were captivated by Kathryn Childers, a trailblazing icon who paved the way for women in the United States Secret Service. During an hour-long session, she shared her adventures as one of the pioneering five female special agents in the agency’s history and also presented her book, “Scared Fearless: An Unlikely Agent in the US Secret Service.”

In 1971, Childers fearlessly entered the ranks of 1,100 male agents, immersing herself in investigations related to counterfeiting and shouldering the responsibility of protecting the President as well as global leaders. Fondly known as the “pistol packin’ nanny,” she cleverly balanced her duties with safeguarding the Kennedy children and accompanying former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis on international ventures.

Beyond her groundbreaking role in the Secret Service, Childers charted an influential path as a broadcast journalist and a dedicated community advocate. Her personal journey was further marked by her unwavering support for her husband during his battle with Alzheimer’s as they traveled the country in their Airstream trailer.

PVN prospects were delighted to hear from such an inspiring speaker and Forefront Living was honored to host her. Click here to learn more about Kathryn and her incredible life.