Celebrating Creativity: PVN’s Artful Transformation

Presbyterian Village North (PVN) recently unveiled a vibrant testament to the creative spirit with the grand opening of their brand-new Creative Art Center. On a Saturday afternoon in late March, nearly 120 residents, friends and families flocked to the new center to partake in an inspiring gathering where art and community seamlessly intertwined at the Resident Art Exhibit.

The heart of the event was the stunning exhibition, featuring an array of captivating pieces meticulously crafted by PVN residents. From oil on canvas to intricate sculpture, handcrafted jewelry, pottery and more, the display showcased a diverse range of artistic expressions. While enjoying sips and snacks provided by PVN’s Community Life Team, visitors were treated to a visual feast, with each piece bearing the unmistakable touch of passion and creativity.

What made this exhibition truly special was not just the art itself, but the story behind its creation. PVN artists formerly shared a single room in the Corrigan with quilters and other crafty residents, but had outgrown that space. Led by Pam Southern, a dedicated PVN resident and artist, the Creative Art Center project breathed new life into a space previously designated for special care. Through Pam’s vision and the collective effort of the community, what was once a simple “pod” has been transformed into a vibrant hub for artistic expression.

“The response to the Art Center Open House was everything I had hoped it would be, and much more! Almost three years in the making since I moved here and began hounding the staff for a place I could use for painting and sculpting and storing my works in progress, has turned out to be beyond my wishes and expectations. I knew there would be others here who would want the same place, but, I had no idea how many! The value of self-expression is even more important to the aging mind. This is a great beginning and wonderful location to reach out to those in our community here at PVN. We are on the right path for offering all areas and levels of interest. What would we know about history and this worlds’ occupants if it were not for art and artists? Thank you, Forefront, for recognizing our wishes and opening the door for developing this community.” Southern said.

The center boasts seven open rooms, providing artists with ample space to store materials and bring their visions to life. Equipped with lighting and carefully chosen paint to enhance the display of artwork, the center exudes an ambiance of creativity and inspiration. Additionally, a spacious kitchen area and common space offer opportunities for residents to connect and collaborate, fostering a sense of camaraderie among creators.

“The PVN Creative Art Center allows all residents of PVN a well-lit, peaceful space where they can relax and exercise their creativity in any form of art medium – painting, drawing, sculpting, pottery, photography, jewelry or other mediums. Many of us have been waiting for a place where we can create and work on what we enjoy doing. Most importantly, residents can do this together and be able to enjoy and share it with the whole Village. It’s been shown from many studies that art feeds the brain which is good for our mental and physical wellbeing. I hope to see many others attending classes, making art, having book club meetings or listening to piano music.” Pam Altizer, PVN resident and artist, said.

One exciting prospect on the horizon is the expansion of offerings to include pottery classes, thanks to a generous donation of a kiln by PVN resident, Lois Whitworth. Once the additional equipment including a wheel and water filter system is secured, the ability to offer pottery will further enrich the creative landscape of PVN, providing residents with another avenue to explore and express their talents.

For those eager to explore the Creative Art Center or learn more about its offerings, Pam Southern serves as a welcoming point of contact. Residents and art enthusiasts alike are encouraged to reach out to Pam at pamsouthern45@gmail.com for further information.

PVN’s Creative Art Center displays the transformative power of art and community, where creativity knows no bounds and every stroke of the brush tells a story. In celebrating the triumph of imagination and ingenuity, PVN has not only created a space for artistic expression but a vibrant tapestry of shared experiences and collective inspiration. Click here to read how the creative process helps your brain.

Exhibits included:

Pam Altizer Oil on Canvas

  • Find New York Taxi in Traffic
  • Three Friends
  • Girls Weekend
  • Sonoma Happy Hour
  • Paul Cezanne during Covid 19
  • Where’s the Ice Cream?
  • Which Hat To Buy?

Carolyn Carter Acrylic on canvas and paper

  • Aurora Borealis Crying
  • Mixed Acrylic abstracts

Julia Dempsey Beaded Bracelets

Irene Dodson Beaded Necklaces  

Lois Hesse Ink and colored pencils

  • Jarvis Fishing                                                              .
  • A View of Colorado
  • Winter at White Rock Lake
  • 1947

Cyndy Hudgins – Watercolor

  • Heirloom

Bob Hudgins – Oil

  • Zazu – the bird from Lion King

Del Johnson Oil

  • In Memory of  Villa Resident (March 1, 1930 – March 12, 2024)
  • Several detailed landscapes and a special Christmas scene.

Barbara Jones  Oil

  • Lighthouse
  • Los Cabos Arches
  • In the desert 1
  • In the desert 2   

Joe Kobos Photography

  • Pacific View from La Joya Art Museum
  • Graffiti Art in Val Paraiso, Chile

Shirley Lowry – Oil and Acrylic

  • Reading Riverfront  
  • Rainy Day                                         
  • Pit Stop                               
  • Rush Hour Rain
  • Son-Light
  • Wintry Fields                     
  • Rte. 66                                

Don Powers – Pencil and Acrylic

  • Saturday Night Fever         
  • Texas Squirrel                    
  • Early American Chief        
  • Sunrise at South Padre       

Esther Ritz Acrylic on Canvas                                           

  • Autumn                               
  • Pandemic 12                       
  • My Reverie                                        
  • On a Whim                                        
  • Faces and Ribbons             

Peggy Smith Oil on Canvas

  • Motherhood
  • Morning Coffee
  • Hole # 5
  • Spring Flowers

Pam Southern Acrylic on Canvas and Sculpture

  • Taking a Break
  • Spring Break
  • Cheers!
  • Samantha
  • The Answer to the Question is LOVE
  • Fragmented Joe (Sculpture)

Jan Thies Watercolor

  • Peonies
  • Peaches
  • Butterfly
  • Long Stem

Christi Thompson  Pottery and Collage Art

  • Pottery Group by Christi Thompson
  • Embellished Collage Churches and Saloon

Lin Wetterau – Watercolor and Pastel

  • Boats                                     
  • Flowers                 
  • Chris Christofferson         
  • Marina

Larry Zeske – Collections and Framing

  • Golf’s Greatest
  • US Open
  • Colonial Winner
A walk through the PVN Creative Arts Center