At The Forefront | Episode Six: Jonathon Fite – Thriving Through the End of Life

In this episode, host Tim Mallad welcomes Jonathon Fite, husband of Jeanie Fite, who was a Faith Hospice patient and thrived in spite of the limitations ALS put upon her. In this thirty-minute podcast, Tim and Jonathon discuss the Zoom event that launched a new passion in Jeanie’s final months that continues to inspire and motivate others today. Join us for this very special episode remembering a remarkable person and you just might find yourself coming away with a renewed outlook on life.

ABOUT JEANIE FITE: Although Jeanie Marie Fite lived with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), often called Lou Gehrig’s Disease, she didn’t let it stop her or dampen her perpetually optimistic spirit. She was a remarkable example of not letting circumstances dictate happiness, thriving every single day in spite of her challenges and making each moment matter. In fact, her positive outlook radiated especially bright during her last months.

Throughout her life, Jeanie was known for speaking in song lyrics and as her disease progressed, she used those lyrics as inspiration for her new passion for painting. We can’t help but think she would hope her paintings would encourage you to seek joy and remind you to look up and let the sunshine in.

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