Are You Smarter Than Your Smart Phone?

While the majority of the population enjoys the convenience, connectivity and useful applications that smart phones offer, this ever-evolving technology doesn’t come without challenges. Recently, in an effort to better navigate their iPhones, residents at Presbyterian Village North (PVN) filled the community Game Room to learn smart phone tips and tricks in classes led by Debbie Bartolomeo, daughter-in-law of PVN residents Barbara and Dick Bartolomeo.

During the informative sessions, Debbie covered iPhone fundamentals while providing tips especially beneficial to seniors. A few helpful navigation basics shared included accessing emergency services, activating LED alerts for incoming calls, increasing font size and brightening screen display for easier readability and downloading Cubigo, PVN’s preferred digital platform for community information, activities, dining and much more. Debbie also reviewed simple texting features and provided instructions for taking screen shots and accessing the phone flashlight.

“I find that seniors are highly motivated to learn and teaching PVN residents has been an absolute pleasure for me,” Debbie enthusiastically shared. Debbie has previous experience working with seniors through her career as a professional organizer in which she helps senior clients with moving, downsizing and organizing.

Debbie credits her mother-in-law, Barbara, for initiating the resident class. Debbie and Barbara were discussing the difficulties that Debbie’s own mother experienced when using her iPhone. During the conversation, Debbie casually mentioned that she could teach seniors some of the smart phone basics. Barbara thought that was a great idea and passed along the idea to Letty Valdez, PVN Community Life Manager.

To date, two iPhone class have been held with more classes planned for future dates. With each class reaching its maximum resident capacity, it’s clear that PVN residents want to learn more about utilizing technology to benefit their daily lives. For more information on upcoming iPhone classes, please contact the PVN Community Life Office.