Teammates go above and beyond during last week’s arctic front

Last week’s arctic front blanketed Texas as many went without electricity and heat. Some even experienced pipe bursts that damaged their belongings. Many of our teammates spent the week at work going above and beyond their duties to help the residents and patients they care for.

“I am proud to be part of a team that can be counted on to bring certainty to those we serve when everything around them is uncertain,” said Tim Mallad, CEO of Forefront Living. “It’s a good feeling to know we can count on each other!”

The leadership at Presbyterian Village North (PVN) and Faith Presbyterian Hospice led by example by folding laundry, assisting with meal preparation and transporting teammates to work. Many of them stayed on campus overnight to help with issues that arose in the evening.

“I am deeply humbled and honored to work with the dedicated staff at PVN,” said Bryan Cooper, executive director at PVN. “Several individuals came together in a sense of teamwork and diligence to make sure residents were protected, cared for and loved. It is always impressive to watch compassion in action and that is exactly what occurred last week.”

Not only was leadership inspiring, but so were the teammates. They showed a team spirit by working extra shifts, volunteering to do more than their share of work, picking up fellow coworkers and maintaining positive attitudes throughout the week.

“The Faith hospice team never ceases to amaze me,” said John Mezo, Faith Presbyterian Hospice, executive director. “From their thoughtful and swift preparation of our in-home patients to ensure their safe and continued care, to their dedication and sacrifice by sleeping overnight at the T. Boone Pickens Hospice Center to ensure our patients care never stopped, is sincerely commendable.  I couldn’t be more honored to work with such a dedicated team.”

Forefront Living prides itself on its values of integrity, diversity, compassion and stewardship. Our teammates showed that across the entire organization. We are happy to employ people that live our mission and values on a daily basis.

Below is a list of teammates that went above and beyond during the pandemic:

 PVN Teammates:

  • Oyedemi Adebusola
  • Aleberto Anguiana
  • Chetachi Anwuka
  • Antoine Bell
  • Staci Bonnett
  • Gil Carbajal
  • Austin Chambers
  • Jake Coauette
  • Kelly Cook
  • Bryan Cooper
  • Charles Dawson
  • Agatha Dwonoh
  • Esemgon Edet
  • Lisa Englander
  • Frank Garcia
  • JV Hopkins
  • Ralph Jean-Pierre
  • Joseph Kabia
  • Hamid Kalantar
  • Meredith Kirkscey
  • Agnes Lawal
  • Christina Martinez
  • Claribel Martinez
  • Raul Martinez
  • Joseph Mejia
  • Martha Mendy
  • Carolyn Mitchell
  • Kevin Neff
  • Cheyenne Nettles
  • Jonas Ntagawa
  • Heather Porch
  • Shannon Radford
  • Janet Record
  • Jarred Richardson
  • Jermaine Roberson
  • Maria Saldana
  • Connie Scott
  • Aubrey Sutton
  • Ivory Tatum
  • Robert Tovar
  • Happie Uppal
  • Joni Watson
  • Joseph Wilson 
  • Leassa Wood

Faith Presbyterian Hospice:

  • Diana Adams, RN
  • Irene Akinpelu, CNA
  • Rosa Arriga
  • Marlene Casco
  • Wendy Garcia
  • Queenie Godwins, CNA
  • Sylvia Gonzalez
  • Melora Hartman, RN
  • Sue Kramer, NP
  • Melissa Larson
  • Valerie Lindemann, RN
  • Shelby London, RN
  • Meg Malone, RN
  • LaDonna Maynard
  • Darin Nettles
  • Nathan Nettles
  • Nam Nguyen, NP
  • Koa Nye, RN
  • Agbons Omoregi, CNA
  • Cindy Owen, RN
  • Cordelia Oziegbe, CNA
  • Ariel Perez, RN
  • Amanda Robinson, CNA
  • Angela Robinson CNA
  • Chloe Silcox, RN
  • Jeanna Thompson, RN
  • Regina Taylor, RN
  • Falilate Usman-Mustapha, CNA
  • Robert Varela