Life Enrichment hosts a state fair for PVN residents

The pandemic has caused several cancelled events, including the State Fair of Texas. The quick thinking of Elena Jeffus made all the difference for residents at Presbyterian Village North (PVN). On October 6 and October 13 the life enrichment team hosted the ‘PVN State Fair.’

“So many of our residents remember and have enjoyed the State Fair of Texas over their lifetimes,” said Jeffus. “I came up with the idea to celebrate when I found out the actual fair was cancelled.”

The attractions that were planned included games like ring toss, ball toss and horseshoes. There was also a photo booth with costumes, target shoot with nerf guns and a pick-a-prize floating rubber duck.

“Our residents are having to give up the same things we are, family time, live entertainment and trips,” said Jeffus. “The current situation does add challenges, but they aren’t unsurmountable. Bringing joy to the residents is always our primary focus as a Life Enrichment team.”

Like the traditional state fair, the team also served a number of treats for the residents to enjoy.

“We served cotton candy, corny dogs, snow cones and popcorn,” Jeffus recalls. “I dressed as a clown and my coworker, Valarie Canfield, dressed as Big Tex, and we had carnival music playing. Joyce Hall added the PVN food truck that made funnel cakes.”

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