This Week at The Village – July 3, 2017


10:00am Brainer-cise- Fun and Games Room

6:00pm Bridge – Fun and Games Room

6:00pm Marble Pursuit Game- Classroom 2


9:00am Dog Parade/Pet Blessing/Root Beer Floats- Meet at Café South Entrance for parade participation (.5mi route), route ends at Gruchalla Pavilion. You may choose to meet the parade at the pavilion for floats and pet blessing.


10:00am departure to Ham’s Peach Orchard, sign up required

10:45am Bible Study- Classroom 1

1:30pm Knit Wits- Fun and Games Room

3:00pm Mahjong (experience preferred)- Martin’s Landing 1st Floor

5:45pm Duplicate Bridge- Fun and Games Room


8:00am Men’s Kaffee Klatch – Dining Room

9:15am Men’s Bible Study – Private Dining Room

9:30am North Dallas Bank- Fun and Games Room

1:00pm Novin’s Jewelry Repair- Fun and Games Room

1:15pm Musically Speaking: Contemporary Era with Connie- Classroom 1

2:00pm Catholic Service- Chapel

2:30pm Current Events with Merle- Classroom 2

6:00pm Bridge- Fun and Games Room


10:30am departure “Mexico 1900-1950 Diego Rivera” at Dallas Museum of Art

4:00pm Happy Hour-Fun and Games Room

6:00pm Poker- Fun and Games Room


1:15pm Movie Matinee: “Manchester By the Sea” (2016)

6:00pm Chickenfoot Game- Fun and Games Room