This Week at The Village – July 17, 2017


10:00am Brainer-cise- Fun and Games Room

11:00am departure to Ephesus Restaurant, sign-up required

2:00pm Mahjong and Canasta- Leonard Rose Villas

4:00pm Lev Kardonsky, violinist- Auditorium

6:00pm Bridge – Fun and Games Room

6:00pm Marble Pursuit Game- Classroom 2


8:00am Women’s Kaffee Klatch- Dining Room

9:00am Sew-n-Sews- Arts and Crafts Room

11:00am Spiritual Disciplines with Brent Ashby- Classroom 1

6:00pm How to Protect Your Stuff in 3 Easy Steps with John McNair- Classroom 1


10:45am Bible Study- Classroom 1

1:00pm Restland Funeral Pre-Planning Seminar- Classroom 1

1:30pm Knit Wits- Fun and Games Room

1:30pm Kitchen Tour- Meet at Dining Room entrance

3:00pm Mahjong (experience preferred)- Martin’s Landing 1st Floor

5:45pm Duplicate Bridge- Fun and Games Room


8:00am Men’s Kaffee Klatch – Dining Room

9:15am Men’s Bible Study – Private Dining Room

9:30am North Dallas Bank- Fun and Games Room

1:15pm Musically Speaking: Contemporary Era with Connie- Classroom 1

2:00pm Catholic Service- Chapel

2:00pm Hearing Professionals- Wellness Center

2:30pm Current Events with Merle- Classroom 2

5:00pm departure to Café Momentum, sign-up required

6:00pm Bridge- Fun and Games Room


10:00am Summer Pool Party Celebration begins…. see flyers for details!

4:00pm Happy Hour-Fun and Games Room

6:00pm Poker- Fun and Games Room


6:00pm Chickenfoot Game- Fun and Games Room