This Week at The Village – July 15


No Live streaming until further notice

4:30 Vespers with Rev. Denise Odom- Chapel


Dining Menu Week 1 begins today

10:00 Brainer-cise- Fun and Games Room

1:00 Canasta- Villas

1:00 Fleece Blanket Project with Janice Bentley-Classroom 1 (note room change) (Camp PVN)

2:00 Mahjong- Villas

6:00 Bridge- Fun and Games Room

6:00 Marble Pursuit Game- Martins Landing 1st Floor


8:00 Women’s Kaffee Klatch: Jane Bourland, mini-bio (note change of program)- Dining Room

9:00 Sew & Sews- Arts and Crafts Room

12:45 departure to Sixth Floor Museum “55 Years: President Kennedy on Magazine Covers 1963-2018”, sign-up required

1:00 Bingo- Fun and Games Room (Camp PVN)

6:00 Caregiver Support Group- Fun and Games Room


10:45 Bible Study- Classroom 1

1:00 Movie: “The Ultimate Gift” 2006, PG, starring James Garner, 2hr runtime- Auditorium (Camp PVN)

1:30 Knit Wits- Arts and Crafts Room

2:00 Mahjong- Martins Landing 1st Floor

2:00 Read and Talk: Juror Number Three, by James Patterson- Classroom 1

4:15 Episcopal Service- Chapel

5:45 Duplicate Bridge- Fun and Games Room


8:00 Men’s Kaffee Klatch- Dining Room

9:15 Men’s Bible Study- Private Dining Room

9:30 North Dallas Bank- Fun and Games Room

12:30 departure to “Hello Dolly”, ticket required

1:15 Square Dancing with Wayne Shoemaker- Auditorium (Camp PVN)

2:00 Catholic Service- Chapel

2:15 Ice Cream Social- Auditorium (Camp PVN)

2:30 Current Events with Merle- Classroom 2

6:00 Bridge- Fun and Games Room

Friday Deadline to sign up for Dior exhibit at DMA

9:30 departure to AdEx Tour “Our New Neighborhood: Past and Present”, sign-up required

11:30 Pizza Party and Camp Slide Show, sign-up required- Auditorium (Camp PVN)

4:00 Happy Hour with Duo Expresso- Fun and Games Room/Great Room

6:00 Poker- Fun and Games Room


1:15 Movie: “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” 2018, R, 1 hr 46 min- Auditorium

6:00 Chickenfoot- Cafe (note new location)