This Week at The Village – July 15, 2018


10:00am Live streaming from Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church-Chapel

4:30pm Vespers Communion with Rev. Carolyn Mitchell- Chapel


10:00am Brainer-cise- Fun and Games Room

10:00am departure Reunion Tower Tour and Lunch, sign-up required

10:30am Current Events with Randy- Joyce Hall

2:00pm Mahjong and Canasta- Villas

4:00pm Episcopal Service- Chapel

Rescheduled to 7/31 Lev Kardonsky, violinist & Jerry Stephens, pianist- Auditorium

6:00pm Bridge- Fun and Games Room

6:00pm Marble Pursuit Game- Classroom 2


8:00am Women’s Kaffee Klatch: Current Crimes Against Dallas Senior Citizens by Telephone and Computer” with a Detective from DPD Dining Room

9:00am Sew & Sews- Arts and Crafts Room

2:00pm Chat with James Bettencourt, Director of Facilities- Classroom 1

4:45pm departure Zoli’s Pizza dinner outing, sign-up required

6:30pm Visionary Voters- Classroom 1


10:45am Bible Study- Classroom 1

1:30pm Knit Wits- Fun and Games Room

3:00pm Mahjong- Martin’s Landing 1st Floor

4:00pm Travel Club with Alan Smith- Fun and Games Room

5:45pm Duplicate Bridge- Fun and Games Room

6:00pm departure Rejebian Lecture Series at Highland Park United Methodist Church, “Hank and Jim” by Chris Vognar and Sean Griffin, sign-up required


8:00am Men’s Kaffee Klatch- Dining Room

9:15am Men’s Bible Study – Private Dining Room

9:30am North Dallas Bank- Fun and Games Room

10:00am departure Arboretum “The Kinetic Art of Lyman Whitaker” and lunch at DeGolyer, sign-up required

1:30pm Hearing Professionals- Wellness Clinic

2:00pm Catholic Service- Chapel

2:30pm Current Events with Merle- Classroom 2

6:00pm Bridge- Fun and Games Room


Movie Outing, sign-up required- time TBD

4:00pm Birthday Party Happy Hour- Fun and Games Room

6:00pm Poker- Fun and Games Room

*Bring school supplies for Stults Road Elementary School now until 8/13!


10:00am PC Computer Class- Classroom 1 Rescheduled from 7/14

1:15pm Movie: “Death of the Nile”, 1978, PG, starring Peter Ustinov,, 2hr 20min runtime- Auditorium

6:00pm Chickenfoot- Fun and Games Room