This Week at The Village – April 22, 2019


Dining Menu week 1 Begins today

10:00 departure to Rose-Mary Rumbley Tour of Dallas

10:00 Brainer-cise- Fun and Games Room

12:30 Painting Class (4 of 6)- Arts and Crafts Room

2:00 Mahjong and Canasta- Villas

6:00 Bridge- Fun and Games Room

6:00 Marble Pursuit Game- Classroom 2

Tuesday Pick up your Wellness U book in the Fitness Center or Life Enrichment Office!

9:00 Sew & Sews- Arts and Crafts Room

10:30 PVN Book Review Club: Colleen Boudeaux- Auditorium

6:00 Caregiver Support Group- Fun and Games Room

6:30 Movie: “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, R, 1hr 57min-Auditorium


10:45 Bible Study: Video Series on Simon Peter (April 3-May 8)- Classroom 1

1:00 Therapy Lecture: “Eating for a Sharper Mind”- Auditorium

1:30 Knit Wits- Arts and Crafts Room

2:00 Mahjong- Martin’s Landing 1st Floor

4:00 Marty Ruiz, singer- Auditorium

4:15 Episcopal Service- Chapel

5:45 Duplicate Bridge- Fun and Games Room


8:00 Men’s Kaffee Klatch- Dining Room

9:15 Men’s Bible Study- Private Dining Room

9:30 North Dallas Bank- Fun and Games Room

1:00 departure to Meadows Museum, “Fortuny: Friends and Followers”

4:00 Village Singers Rehearsal- Chapel

6:00 Bridge- Fun and Games Room


10:30 departure to Happy Warriors

3:00 Current Events with Randy- Joyce Hall

3:00 Resident Writing Group-Classroom 1

4:00 Happy Hour- Fun and Games Room

6:00 Poker- Fun and Games Room


10:00 Spring Memorial Balloon Release at T. Boone Pickens Hospice

1:15 Movie: “A River Runs Through It” PG, 2hr 4min- Auditorium

6:00 Chickenfoot- Fun and Games Room