This Week at The Village – April 2, 2018


11:00am Live streaming from Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church-Chapel

11:00 or 1:00 Easter Brunch, Reservation Required- Dining Room

4:30pm Vespers with Rev. Carolyn Mitchell- Chapel


10:00am Brainer-cise- Fun and Games Room

1:00pm Meditation- Chapel

2:00pm Mahjong and Canasta- Villas

4:00pm Episcopal Service- Chapel

6:00pm Bridge- Fun and Games Room

6:00pm Marble Pursuit Game- Classroom 2


8:00am Women’s Kaffee Klatch: Douglas Fletcher, Son of Florence Fletcher- IL Resident, to give mini bio – Dining Room

1:00pm Village Council- Auditorium

2:00pm Ice Cream Social- Great Room


10:45am Bible Study- Classroom 1

1:30pm Knit Wits- Fun and Games Room

3:00pm Mahjong- Martin’s Landing 1st Floor

5:45pm Duplicate Bridge- Fun and Games Room


8:00am Men’s Kaffee Klatch – Dining Room

9:15am Men’s Bible Study – Private Dining Room

9:30am North Dallas Bank- Fun and Games Room

1:00 Novin Jewelry Repair- Gun and Games Room

2:00pm Catholic Service- Chapel

2:30pm Symphony Season Ticket Meeting- Auditorium

4:00pm Village Singers Rehearsal-Chapel

6:00pm Bridge- Fun and Games Room

6:00pm departure Author’s Live: New Power, sign up required


4:00pm Celebrate Spring Happy Hour- Gruchalla Pavilion (no happy hour in Fun and Games Room)

6:00pm Poker- Fun and Games Room


10:00 departure Tour of AT&T Performing Arts Center, sign up required

1:15pm Movie: “Quartet”, PG13, 2013, starring Maggie Smith, Tom Courtenay, and Billy Connolly, 1hr 34min runtime

6:00pm Chickenfoot- Fun and Games Room