The Village Staff—Pharmacy

By: Noel Pittman, Bugle Staff Writer

November 2014, Issue 395

Check. Double check. And check once again. Out pharmacists verify each prescription they fill, first when the order comes in, then when the or-der is filled, and again when the order is packaged for delivery. They check each new prescription to be certain the drug is appropriate to the patient’s need. Manager of Pharmacy Services Dipa L. Desai-Pragji, RPh; Pharmacist Sarah Belling, RPh, Pharm.D.; and Pharmacy Technician Patrick Onuoha work together to provide the right drug, in the right dose, to the right person, in good time. Efficient and thorough and accurate.

Ours is a very special place for pharmacy services, as we affect everyone throughout this continuing care community. The institutional service PVN offers to those in nursing care is unmatched by other nursing caregiver facilities in the area. We give retail services to Independent Living residents that we can personalize because we know each other. We work with the Clinic Nurse and with attending physicians. We coordinate with health insurance carriers and their various formularies to assure they pay for our services. We provide immunization meds, such as flu shots, and also stock over-the-counter meds and diabetic supplies.

The Pharmacy’s day starts when prescription re-fill orders are faxed from Joyce Hall and all nine Healthcare floors. Dipa, Sarah, and Patrick fill and label the orders, and put them into bins for afternoon delivery. Orders for residents in Independent Living and for employees are held at the pickup window. In this small community we enjoy some personal services. For example, the pickup window will be opened at lunch time to fill an urgent need, or a staff member will call to say it’s almost closing time and your prescription has not been picked up.

The PVN Pharmacy is conveniently located on the corridor between Healthcare and the Corrigan Building, next to the Pantry and across from the Clinic Nurse.