PVN to Be Site of Medical Study

We at PVN are honored to have been invited by SMU and Texas Tech University to participate in a pilot study on memory care. It will be in conjunction with work at UT Southwestern Medical Center and in preparation for a longer study at PVN to be announced later this year.  Dr. Daniel Tague of SMU and Dr. Yiyuan Tang of Texas Tech will be at the May 7 meeting of the Village Council to make a brief presentation and then be available for conversation and to answer questions at the ice cream social.

They propose to apply a novel music therapy intervention (MI) to promote health and well-being for PVN residents.  Research has shown that MI, such as relaxing and sedative music, reduces stress and blood pressure, increases emotion and cognitive functions such as attention and memory, as well as health and well-being, in healthy patient populations.  They plan to provide ten 45-minute sessions of MI at PVN within two to four weeks, and explore the MI effects and its brain mechanisms at pre- and post-MI.

– by Dr. John Gremmels