PVN Pals

By: Lisa Englander, Bugle Staff Writer

November 2014, Issue 395

PVN Pals is a new group of volunteer villagers who have agreed to welcome residents new to PVN by inviting them to share dinner, and then helping them however they can to familiarize themselves with the place (for example, by touring the campus, by introducing them to staff members, and by answering any and all questions about our Village from the resident point of view).

This group came about when a resident observed that newcomers, in their first few months on the cam-pus, need help integrating smoothly with this community. The idea was to provide a resident contact to make them feel welcome. Being turned loose after the initial introduction at a council meeting can be daunting to newcomers who don’t yet know anyone and even wonder where they’re welcome to sit at dinner. Some are lonely and need a friendly Pal to check in with them.

So, together with the PVN Marketing team, we sought resident volunteers and then hosted a lunch for them to discuss what new residents really need. The group shared their own moving-in experiences and told how special kindnesses affected their first weeks here. They clearly wanted newcomers to have a positive experience and to learn about our caring culture first hand.

Each volunteer Pal filled out a survey that will help Marketing match new prospects or new villagers with a PVN Pal having similar interests and experiences. The idea is not to let newcomers feel alone in the PVN community. Of course, we should all be on the watch for those who appear lost and welcome them to our table or offer help as needed.

This is the current roster of PVN Pals: Janice and Chester Bentley, Elizabeth Bilan, Dorothy Bolden, June Cornell, Ann Foster, Jane and Kyle Hobin, Shirley King, Janet and Frank LaCava, Wilma Malhiot, Virginia Riordan, Betty Rogers, Mark and Kay Schweinfurth, Pat Tharp, and Carolyn Walton.