PVN Council Corner

Our Better Selves by David Lodwick (this article originally appeared in the August issue of The Village Bugle)

A fellow PVN resident and I were discussing the arrival of many new residents once the Hawthorne is completed.  These new residents will be wondering about our culture, wondering about their new neighbors, wondering what life at a senior care community will be like.  Will there be something to do? Will the food be good? Will I fit in?

Perhaps our thoughts will be more on the lines of how can we welcome these new folks?  Wil we all fit into the dining room?  what about the auditorium?  Will our culture remain the same?  Can we remember names?

You know what my friend said to me?  She said, “It wll be a chance to be our better selves.”  I’ve been thinkg about the generosity and wisdom of that remark for some weeks now.  It is certainly something that I want to pass along to you.  I just hope that I can adequately express my “hurrah” for that comment.

I think that means we’ll welcome our new neighbors with open arms.  We’ll be there to invite them to Sew and Sews, happy Hours, the Chapel, the Dining Room, the Kaffee Klatches, coffee and muffins in the Cafe, Bible study, a walk around our lake.  We can explain Chautauqua, The Foundation, the Village Council, the Bugle, sign-ups, Sunday brunches, medical care and the Purple Martins.

Most of all, we can exemplify the culture that is Presbyterian Village North.  We can show we’re glad they are here.  We can say, “Hi, Welcome, How’s it going?”  We can exude the vibrancy and joie de vivre the separates PVN from many of our fellow communities.

Well, its a long time before these new neighbors arrive, but my wise friend’s comment is on my mind. And fortunately, we have new folks joining us all the time.  My friend’s thought applies today, too.  I consider it daily advice to me.  I hope I can live up to it.