Presbyterian Village North Medical Director Recognized For 29+ Years Of Serving Seniors

October 2014

Dr. Lisa Clark was recently selected as one of D Magazine’s best doctors in the Dallas area, making this the tenth year she has ended up on the list either under geriatrics or internal medicine. Since graduating from the University of Mississippi Medical School and completing her residency at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas 29 years ago, Dr. Clark has worked at Presbyterian Village North (PVN) as the community’s medical director. Dr. Clark was drawn to working with seniors because of her passion for improving a person’s quality of life through problem solving.

“Medicine is a career that people choose because it feels like a calling or a mission, and I have found that helping residents develop goals of treatment aimed at improving their quality of life is very rewarding,” said Dr. Clark. “I thoroughly communicate with them and their families, as it is very important to me that they understand, and I address their questions and concerns. I believe I have built a positive reputation because of my ability to communicate. PVN has a very warm community feel, and it is very empowering to be a part of that. Everyone is working toward the same high-quality goals.”

Her responsibilities at PVN include making rounds in the healthcare area, visiting with staff at each nurses’ station and seeing patients that have visits scheduled that day, as well as performing administrative duties. Dr. Clark serves on the Quality Assurance committee, the Patient Safety committee, the Presbyterian Village North board and the Presbyterian Communities and Services board. Dr. Clark is board-certified in Internal Medicine and in Geriatrics, a certification that requires taking an exam every ten years to maintain certification. She is part of a small niche of doctors with a certification in geriatrics.

“Doctor Clark is a class act, as her quality work with seniors is exemplary,” said Dr. Steven Bray, doctor of internal medicine, Presbyterian Village North. “She is compassionate, thorough and very intelligent. I hold her with the utmost respect. She is truly a role model to fellow doctors in the industry.”

“I have always enjoyed problem solving, so deciding how to manage abnormalities and analyze pharmacology issues to improve someone’s condition is a challenge I welcome,” said Dr. Clark. “Sometimes the answer is as simple as taking away a medication that is causing more harm than good. You have to analyze the risks and side effects to determine if it is worth it for a senior to continue that prescription. Once I had been requested to see a new patient with Parkinson’s symptoms. After looking at his current prescriptions, I realized he was on a medication that causes Parkinson’s symptoms, so I discontinued it. The patient did not have Parkinson’s, and as soon as he stopped the old medication the symptoms went away. It’s a challenge because medicine can seem like the right thing, but you have to be aware of what kind of reaction it could be causing.”

Dr. Clark researches new information about treatments, medications, diagnoses, symptoms and more daily. She believes you can never stop learning when you work in the medical field and that it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest knowledge, studies and research. Looking ahead, her goal for the coming years is to continue learning so she can constantly improve her current skills and knowledge.

“We are committed to providing quality, top-rated medical professionals to serve residents at Presbyterian Village North,” said Ron Kelly, executive director for Presbyterian Village North. “Dr. Clark’s continued outstanding reviews are a testament to why PVN is one of the best senior living communities in North Texas. During her tenure, she has served more than 1,500 residents at PVN. Our community was recently named one of the best in the country by U.S. News & World Report. We could not have achieved this level of recognition without experienced team members like Dr. Clark, whose longevity and work ethic make PVN one of Dallas’ premier senior living communities.”