Positive Teammates

Dear residents, families and teammates, 

A teammate working in the Transitional Rehabilitation Center (TRC) at Presbyterian Village North (PVN) tested positive for COVID-19. This individual works in an office and does not have any resident contact. As a precaution, we will continue to test teammates in this area. 

We are pleased to announce that residents in the COVID Recovery Unit are doing well and many of our teammates that were out due to COVID-19 are returning to work. We are happy that they experienced a speedy and safe recovery. As always, we ask that you continue to follow CDC-recommended protocols including wearing a mask in public, social distancing and self-reporting any symptoms a health professional immediately. If you have any questions or feel ill, please contact Yelonda Young at YYoung@forefrontliving.org or 214-355-9624. 

Also, beginning tomorrow, we will present COVID-19 updates in a new, more visual format that will show not only numbers of positive cases, but those who have fully recovered as well. 


Bryan Cooper
Executive Director