You are the Music While the Music Lasts- T.S. Elliot

By: Mark Schweinfurth, Bugle Staff Writer

January 2015, Issue 397

Let’s take an old fashioned walk; I’m just bursting with talk …

PVN’S Dr. Mary Bean and her newly assembled specialists in Alzheimer’s have announced the opening of a newly restored and relocated area in Hillcrest House so as to comfortably accommodate up to four-teen “travelers,” as if one had just returned “home.” This will provide the opportunity to completely re-vamp and advance PVN’s mission of concern for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). Patients with Alzheimer’s and other cognitive diseases have been shown to be uniquely qualified to respond to the amenities of family living. The new PVN staff has been specially trained to provide that family atmosphere to stimulate and comfort its “family.”

“Clinical” will no longer be provided, but rather “indulgence” and “favor.” Of course, strict medical protocol will reign, and always with loving attention. “Home is where the heart is,” but it takes the memory to get us there. When we lose our memory we are “homeless.” Sing a song of remembrance and give your brain a “reconstructed home.” It has been shown that AD residents respond dramatically to mu-sic, and even an advanced dementia person has been shown to respond with alacrity to selected IPod music provided by a caring staff.

PVN’s Alzheimer’s “family” will receive music stimulation as well as mind-stimulating games and other inclusive activities—in a “home” environment, and with chocolate.