Look who’s joining our new neighborhood — Jean and Dale Fuller.

The new Hawthorne expansion at Presbyterian Village North is attracting a lot of attention, and people are reserving now. Why? This couple will tell you right now.

People in North Dallas love Presbyterian Village North. It’s a big, beautiful campus with amenities that help retirees enjoy life and live healthy — like the Lifestyle Fitness and Aquatic Center and onsite Wellness Clinic. It’s also a friendly place where neighbors soon come to feel like family.

Just ask Dr. and Mrs. Dale Fuller, two of the most recent Dallasites to become Charter Resident VIPs of the new Hawthorne expansion. The couple originally hails from South Dakota and Iowa but has lived in Dallas — just about six miles from Presbyterian Village North — for nearly 52 years. They raised three children here, who’ve given them six grandchildren with great-grandchildren on the way.

“For us,” says Dale, “this location is perfect. I actually remember when Presbyterian Village North was built. I loved all the greenspace then, and I love how it’s become part of this community now.”

Because Jean’s mother was a resident in assisted living at Joyce Hall, the Fullers are quite familiar with campus, and have seen it grow over the years.

“We were watching as Martins Landing was developed,” says Dale. “And we also have relatives living in one of the Custom Home neighborhoods.”

Dr. and Mrs. Fuller love the idea of living on such open, expansive acreage, as opposed to the more confined alternatives they’ve seen around Dallas.

“It’s the idea that you can get outside and enjoy the environment,” says Dale. “Most of the other places we’ve seen in Dallas are somewhat claustrophobic. You’re in a building with a narrow fringe of grass between the streets surrounding it, and that’s it. The 60-plus acre property here is a big advantage. There’s no comparable outdoor space in Dallas communities that we’ve seen.”

The new Hawthorne apartments will offer a fresh, modern take on sophisticated beauty and comfort, and serve as a gateway into the entire Presbyterian Village North community experience. Some of the special benefits that reward early depositors include the opportunity to build relationships even before moving in.

“We reserved a 2-bedroom apartment on the second floor,” says Jean. “It’s the Maple floor plan. One bedroom will be my husband’s study. That’s a plus … probably for both of us. The fifth floor will have a water view bar and lounge where people can gather and have a happy hour. I think that’ll be nice.”

“The ‘new’ is what hooked us,” adds Dale. “So far, in the way of senior living, we’ve not seen anything that has inspired us as much.”

The Fullers were recently part of a large group of Hawthorne VIPs who attended a social mixer for future residents. It was a great opportunity for potential neighbors to become acquainted and feel the welcoming vibe that has come to define Presbyterian Village North and all the lovely people who live and work here.

“I’d tell any friends of mine that PVN and The Hawthorne are worth looking at,” says Dale.  “I think they’d enjoy learning about it.  This new building is a substantial offer.”

If you’d like to learn more about the new Hawthorne expansion at Presbyterian Village North, call us at 1-866-815-3438. But don’t wait. Selection, pricing and Charter Resident Benefits will never be better than right now.