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The Hawthorne Charter June/July 2021

Welcome to the June/July edition of your Hawthorne VIP newsletter.

In this issue, meet your future neighbors, Marcia and Drew Finn. Learn about their journey to the Dallas area as well as what attracted them to Presbyterian Village North and, ultimately, to The Hawthorne. Enjoy an enthusiastic Q&A from architect Mallori Smyers during her recent visit to The Hawthorne construction site. Plus, get the answer to our latest “Frequently Asked Question,” learn about our exciting upcoming events, and much more.

Who do you want as your Hawthorne neighbor? Refer a friend and you both could enjoy a special reward for a limited time. To get started, contact Celeste McCloskey today at (214) 355-9935 or Because great friends make great neighbors.

Meet Your Future Neighbors

Marcia and Drew Finn

Marcia and Drew Finn came from parts north and northeast to arrive and meet in the Dallas area over thirty years ago.

Marcia grew up in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, where she went to Carl Sandburg High School. Upon graduation, she headed to Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, MO. Both her mother and grandfather were SEMO alumni. While she did not necessarily plan to follow in their footsteps, she respected SEMO’s strong business school and achieved her bachelor’s degree in Marketing in 1975. Upon graduation, Marcia returned home briefly before moving to Kansas City. She lived and worked in Kansas City for twelve years. She began her health care supply chain career there, and her son, Carl Jackson, was born there. She arrived in Dallas to earn her MBA at SMU in 1988. She has been in Dallas ever since.

Drew is from Baltimore, MD, where he lived for the first 30 years of his life. He worked in the financial services trade, where his single status in his younger years, coupled with his drive to take on bigger and bigger challenges, made Drew very “moveable.” He relocated many times and worked all over the country before landing for a longer stint in Jacksonville, FL. He enjoyed Jacksonville but ended up moving to the Dallas area in 1991.  This move was at the request of his employer to work in the home office in Irving, TX.

In 1998, Drew and Marcia were both advancing in their careers, following management paths and working long hours.  Marcia was a single mom to her teenage son and Drew was still traveling a great deal. They both had a lifestyle that “didn’t lend itself to the traditional ways of meeting people,” says Drew. They met using a dating service that was facilitated through the local paper. An initial lunch grew into more and more dates, and the two decided they were a good match. They were married a couple of years later in 2000.

Drew worked for only three companies during his career in financial services, each lasting about 17 years.   Marcia managed various supply chain teams for several major health care systems in the DFW area.  She worked through progressive segments including contracting, capital purchasing, information systems and operations. 

Drew retired in 2014 and Marcia followed suit shortly thereafter in 2015. The couple currently resides in Plano and enjoys taking advantage of all that the area has to offer.

The couple has spent several years researching senior living options before finalizing their agreement with Forefront Living. Marcia first ran across PVN when developing a real estate finance term paper on continuing care communities as part of her MBA. Little did she know they would use the knowledge she gained over decades in their own home search! In the end, their search narrowed to two or three places. PVN was always at the top of their shortlist! Soon, Marcia and Drew will be selling their home in Plano to move into The Hawthorne at PVN.

For Marcia, a deciding factor in choosing PVN was that “they live their values and that is an important piece of how they manage the property.” She continues, “I feel that we will be safe and secure as we age. My son and his wife will know we are well cared for. Living your values means a lot to me; it extends from what I was used to in my career.” For Drew, the keyword is “village.” To him, PVN is unique in that it truly feels like a village with its safe and well-maintained buildings, committed staff, and warm and interesting residents. Both also appreciate that PVN strives to truly engage their residents; they want you to be a part of the growth and direction of the organization.

Marcia and Drew Finn

During their marriage, Drew and Marcia explored their faith in a desire to find a spiritual home that met both of their needs and beliefs. They were confirmed into the Episcopal faith in 2003 and became members of the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration in 2018.  They are very active with this church and helped form the “Zoom Second Halfers” during the pandemic.  This is a group of 60+ members who meet on Zoom each Wednesday to learn and grow together.  

For fun, Drew and Marcia love to travel. They have traveled extensively in Europe and especially enjoy European river cruises. They have met many nice people on these trips, some of whom they have stayed in touch with. Their most recent voyage was to the Netherlands in 2019. Marcia had the opportunity to indulge in another of her hobbies: genealogy. The couple was able to take a day trip to Marcia’s father’s family origins in Ouddorp. Drew loves Amsterdam and would love to return soon to its wonderful array of museums and other attractions.

One of Drew’s personal hobbies is guitar. He has played guitar almost his entire life. “Starting with The Beatles and all that,” he notes. Playing guitar is something he looks forward to each day – “It’s a great hobby for me; it makes me happy.”

Exercise has become an important aspect of the Finns’ life, and the cutting-edge gym facilities at PVN are another of its attractions. Marcia notes, “I was a workaholic and didn’t take time for exercise. Now we focus on our health a lot more. We walk every morning.”  Marcia also participated in yoga and boxing classes before the pandemic.  She loves yoga and is anxious to engage in some of the classes at PVN.

Lastly, a profile of the Finns would be incomplete without a mention of Bailey. Bailey is their 12-year-old schnauzer mix and a very important member of the family. He is looking forward to morning walks on the PVN grounds!

Construction Update Q&A with Mallori Smyers

Architect Mallori Smyers, an associate with Greystone, recently visited The Hawthorne construction site. Mallori and her teammates in the Greystone Development Department are working closely with the project architect (three, based in Dallas, Texas) to bring this beautiful new community to life. Below is a Q &A with Mallori discussing her walk-through and what she saw (and got excited about).

Architect Mallori Smyers

You recently visited The Hawthorne construction site.  Tell us about it.  How is the construction coming along?

The construction is moving quickly and the progress that has been made is substantial! Framing is now occurring on the fifth and final floor, so the building is really taking shape, and its sheer presence on the site is spectacular to see.

Speak about the “wow” factor.  Was there something in particular that really impressed you?

Walking through the construction of the first floor, I was blown away by the large size of the windows, and the significant amount of natural light that was pouring into these spaces. Whether it was a one-bedroom apartment or the largest two-bedroom/two-and-a-half-bath apartment, the spaces felt open and inviting, even without any finishes in place. I can only imagine how incredible these spaces will look once the walls are in and materials and fixtures are installed.

Tell us about the views from the building.  What can you see when looking out?

The views are stunning! The expansive windows effortlessly frame views of the pond as well as views toward the new entry and across the PVN campus. There was not one opening I peered out of that I was not impressed with.

What is your favorite feature of The Hawthorne?

The fifth-floor Sky Lounge. The space has been designed with such care and detail, and after visiting the construction site, it was clear that the views this space will have will be unmatched. This will be an ideal place to catch up with friends or enjoy time with family any time of the day.

In your own words:  Is there anything else that you’d like to add or share?

The last thing I’d like to share is that I can’t wait to return. The progress across the campus is impressive, and I’m excited to make additional trips as the construction continues and the building begins to pop with exterior and interior material installations. I’m looking forward to celebrating the grand opening next year with The Hawthorne VIPs!

See all the progress for yourself on our construction cam by visiting The Hawthorne VIP Section.

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Who Do You Want As Your Hawthorne Neighbor?

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Frequently Asked Questions

This month’s Frequently Asked Question comes from one of our Hawthorne VIPs during a recent “floor luncheon” at The Mercury.

“How will all of us move in at the same time when The Hawthorne opens next year?”

Our Move-in Coordinator will ensure a smooth, organized move-in process for residents of The Hawthorne. Several residents will move in on day one, with carefully orchestrated moving start-time ranges and elevator assignments for the most efficient experience possible. Another group of residents will move in on day two, and so on.

We will provide you with a letter 60 days prior to your apartment home being ready for move-in and, at that point, you can secure your preferred move-in date on the calendar. In future Hawthorne Charter newsletters and at upcoming exclusive VIP gatherings, we’ll be outlining the 2022 opening timeline for you in further detail and will continue to update you along the way.

And in October, we’ll have an exciting event that will allow you to meet some of our favorite professional partners such as moving companies, professional organizers/planners, real estate professionals, and more.

We’ll be with you every step of the way and can’t wait for opening next year!

The Hawthorne

Many Hawthorne VIPs enjoyed getting acquainted with future neighbors and PVN’s management team during a series of recent “floor luncheons” held at The Mercury.

Save the Date

Although our recent “floor luncheons” have concluded, we have some wonderful events planned for this fall and winter, including social gatherings, educational seminars, a Moving Expo, and a Holiday Reception at the Dallas Arboretum.

Sept. 9th at 9:00
Breakfast presentation with senior living expert John Spooner.

Meet our preferred professional partners and get resources for downsizing, selling your home, and much, much more!

Learn practical tips, timelines, resources, and more during our Rightsizing Seminar.

Dec. 9th from 5:00 – 8:00 pm
Holiday Reception at The Dallas Arboretum
Come and go, enjoy meeting future neighbors, refreshments and music, and the Arboretum’s 12 Days of Christmas. This is a rare Hawthorne VIP event in which you may bring a (non-VIP) friend, pending space availability.

Dates and locations are subject to change. Watch your email for invitations!


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